12 September 2017 – F.P. Journe organized its annual Ladies Golf Cup at the prestigious Geneva Golf Club

Vandœuvres, 12 September 2017 – F.P.Journe organized its annual Ladies Golf Cup at the prestigious Geneva Golf Club with the stableford type of play.

During this competition, F.P.Journe was presenting its “élégante” watch collection. With its revolutionary concept, it combines innovation, tradition and modern technologies providing this watch with a very long autonomy of 8 to 10 years in daily use, and up to 18 years in stand by mode.

This innovative movement combines elegance and precision with a great comfort of use and the performances of an electro-mechanical watch.

The “élégante” features a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 4:30. When the “élégante” is motionless, it goes in stand by mode after 35 minutes and the hands stop turning to save its energy. During the standby mode, the microprocessor continues to keep time, while the mechanical parts - gears, rotors and hands - stop moving. When the “élégante” is moved, the hands sets themselves automatically to the current time, taking the shortest path, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

F.P.Journe has awarded the winners in raw, Saskia Hagger and Elodie Sturdza, who each received an F.P.Journe Apianus blue silk shawl.

The winners of the Net A category, Catherine Dotti and Marion de Toledo, each received a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Rosé and an F.P.Journe bag accessory, and the second, an F.P.Journe golf umbrella. The winners of the Net B category, Isabelle Moser and Nadine Huttman, received a magnum of Vieilles Vignes Château Le Rosey and a voucher for flowers from le Fleuriste des Augustins while the second received an F.P.Journe cap and scented candle.

We thank our partners for the F.P.Journe Golf Cup : Laurent-Perrier and the Fleuriste des Augustins.

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