30 September 2016 – New service available for collectors

F.P.Journe has always been committed to respecting the principles of limited series in never producing more watches than announced regardless of their success. In providing this new service, F.P.Journe allows its collectors to enrich their collection by giving them the opportunity to purchase rare watches that are no longer manufactured. When the opportunity arises, F.P.Journe purchases watches from past collections that are no longer in production (brass movement, unique pieces, and limited editions). Francois-Paul Journe personally evaluates each offer and validates the purchase.

The F.P.Journe Manufacture then completely restores and updates these timepieces in its Geneva workshops.
These collector pieces then qualify for a new three-year sales warranty and are delivered with a new box and warranty card. The watches are listed on the website www.fpjourne.com and are then available upon client request in the F.P.Journe Boutiques. F.P.Journe breathes new life into these watches and clients can purchase them with complete confidence.

The brand thus retains control of its image, guaranteeing the authenticity of a F.P.Journe collector’s watch. Acquiring one of these watches means participating in a chapter of F.P.Journe’s incredible horological adventure, and allows the buyer to become a part of its history and savoir-faire, symbol of excellence, tradition and innovation to serve the quest of precision.

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