The ONLY WATCH Charity Auction, Geneva
November 2015 - Successful edition, the genuine Prizes of Independents Geneva Watchmakers

1) PATEK PHILIPPE : 7 300 000 CHF, 10 times the price of the model in Platinum.
2) F.P. Journe : 550 000 CHF, 4 times the price of the model in Platinum.
3) TUDOR : 375 000 CHF, 100 times the price of the basis model.

F.P. Journe was participating to ONLY WATCH for the first time with a unique watch created especially for the occasion, the « Tourbillon Souverain Bleu ». It is also the first time ever that a tourbillon is made with a case entirely in Tantalum. This metal has been named as such from the Greek’s mythology “Torment of Tantalus” as it is extremely hard to work with.

The very astonishing blue chrome dial reflects like a mirror and its color changes according to light. Its F.P. Journe movement in 18K rose Gold features the renowned remontoire (constant force device) and the dead beat second.


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