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Presentation of the Tourbillon Souverain in Basel

Creation of Montres Journe SA


Development of the Manufacture at 17 Rue de l’Arquebuse - 1204 Genève

Presentation of the Chronomètre à Résonance in Basel


Presentation of the Octa Réserve de Marche in Basel


Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Special Jury award for the Octa Calendrier


Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Prize for the Best Men's Watch for the Octa Lune

The construction of the Octa line was developed on the basis of one of F.P.Journe's most sophisticated inventions: an automatic winding calibre designed to incorporate a variety of complications without modifying the size of the movement. Being a genuine chronometer, this calibre achieves an optimal balance between force, flexibility and efficiency. In 2002, the Octa Calendrier received the special Jury award and in 2003, the Octa Lune was awarded the prize for the Best Men's Watch.

Exclusive exhibition of F.P.Journe at PISA, Milan

Opening of the first Watchmaking salon of Montres Journe Japan KK in Tokyo

The F.P.Journe -Invenit et Fecit- brand opened a new watch showroom in Tokyo's Omotesando district - Tokyo's equivalent of the Parisian St. Germain-des-Prés - a stone's throw away from the superb Nezu museum. The boutique is complete with lounge, bar and watchmaking library, where collectors and aficionados of fine watchmaking can assemble and discuss their shared passion, or acquire chronometers which are produced in very limited numbers. The boutique is near one of the most beautiful spiritual buildings by architect Mr. Tadao Ando, and is already a reference for initiates in the field of contemporary chronometry.

Malaysia and Singapore

Annual F.P.Journe event

In the "History of Sciences Museum", housed in the magnificent Villa Bartholoni on the shores of Lake Geneva, F.P. Journe presented their new models to the international press. The complications with moon phases complemented the Museum's special feature: "Moon stories". For this occasion, the Geneva astronomical society displayed several drawings and visuals from the last century. This was the perfect occasion to remind us of the movements of our planet, something that has always fascinated mankind.

The exclusive F.P.Journe's exhibition was a great success with hundreds of visitors, all passionate to learn more about by horology. On this occasion, Montres Journe SA made an important announcement to the international press: the opening of Montres Journe Japon and the first showroom in Tokyo to follow this fall.

Musée d’histoire des sciences

In Japan, the Chronomètre à Résonance is awarded the Jury Prize for the Watch of the Year


Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2004 F.P.Journe receives the ultimate Golden Hand Award for the Tourbillon Souverain

Montres Journe SA was founded only five years before. However, François-Paul Journe had already over twenty years of horological experience behind him. In 2002, the "Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix" rewarded him with the Special Jury Prize for his Octa Calendrier model, in 2003 with the Best Men's Watch Prize for the Octa Lune, and this year, the watchmaker earned the greatest distinction of all: the "Aiguille d'Or" (Gold Hand Award) for the Tourbillon Souverain with dead beat Seconds.

This crowning honour confirms that authenticity and innovation in horological science can have a definite impact on a panel of judges composed of the most brilliant personalities in the watchmaking world, even when we are talking about an annual production of less than one thousand watches!

Official website Watchmaking Grand Prix of Geneva www.worldtempus.com

In Japan, the Tourbillon Souverain is awarded the Watch of the Year Prize


Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Best Men's Watch for the Chronomètre Souverain

Japan : first anniversary of the F.P.Journe Boutique

See the animation on the life of François-Paul Journe.


Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Receives the ultimate award «L’Aiguille d’Or» (The Golden Hand) for the Sonnerie Souveraine

Japan : second anniversary of the F.P.Journe Boutique

François-Paul Journe honoured with the title of "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres"

Annual F.P.Journe exhibition

Opening of the new F.P.Journe Boutique in the Prince's Building in the historic heart of Hong Kong

Inauguration of the F.P.Journe Boutique in Hong Kong

In Japan, the Sonnerie Souveraine is awarded the Watch of the Year Prize


Opening of the F.P.Journe Boutique in the historical centre of Geneva, at place Longemalle

Opening of the F.P.Journe Boutique in the renowned Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida

First anniversary of the F.P.Journe Boutique in Hong Kong

The annual event of the Action Innocence association - AIG

In an auction held on March 9th at the annual Action Innocence Association (AIG) even, the Chronomètre Souverain (RRP Sfr26,000) attracted a bid of Sfr160,000.

Annual event of the IRP Spring Ball

To help the IRP foundation - www.irp.ch - win their fight against paraplegia, legendary actor Alain Delon and master watchmaker François-Paul Journe signed an exceptional watch which joined their passion for art. The timepiece pays homage to the lifetime's work of the Italian director Luchino Visconti - AKA The Cheetah. The dial in white Gold was superbly engraved by Bernard Ditzoff, whose talent portrayed the image in the style of Rembrandt Bugatti, who was the favourite sculptor of the actor.
Three cheetahs appear to play with time and impose themselves as if eternal on this timeless watch. The cult film, 'The Cheetah', premiered in June 1963 and has the eternal timelessness of all great works of art. Drawn from the novel of Sicilian aristocrat Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa, the film tells the story of the decline of the aristocracy from the 19th century. The performance of Alain Delon alongside Burt Lancaster and Claudia Cardinale enriched the 7th art. This timepiece, with which they pay homage, possesses all the elements of classicalism and originality.
The brother of the character of Alain Delon, played by Pierre Clementi, is called François-Paul. Today, it is François-Paul Journe who becomes an accessory to the actor, time for a sequel! That of the fight against paraplegia with the sensitivity of two artists. The watch will be auctioned on March 21, at the annual event of the IRP in the hotel President Wilson hotel, Geneva, with the biddings orchestrated by the magic wand of Simon de Pury.

Octa Cheetah - Unique Piece
Case in Platinium, diameter 40mm
Dial in white Gold
Motif: three cheetahs with the joint signatures of Alain Delon and F.P.Journe
Calibre 1300.3, mvt in 18k red Gold

Arrival of the Clock by Detouche in the new exhibition space

Inauguration of the new exhibition space at the F.P.Journe Manufacture

Manufacture Montres Journe SA
40 rue de la Synagogue
1204 Genève
T +41 22 322 09 09

Inauguration of the F.P.Journe Boutique in Place Longemalle, Geneva

Inauguration of the F.P.Journe Boutique in Boca Raton, Florida

Annual F.P.Journe exhibition


The new exhibition area of the F.P.Journe Manufacture hosts a display of the Steel Time pocket watch collection


Annual show Manufacture Montres Journe SA

F.P.Journe commits to the ICM in Paris

June 18th, 2008, François-Paul Journe joined the founding members of the ICM in Paris to lay the first stone of the future ICM building on the site of the CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, in Paris. François-Paul Journe has committed to donate part of the profit of each Centigraphe to support the ICM to help fight against brain and spinal cord diseases.

Souveraine Minute Repeater Watch of the Year in LOS RELOJES DEL AÑO 2008

François-Paul Journe receives the awards "Watch of the Year" in LOS RELOJES DEL AÑO 2008 for the Souveraine Minute Repeater in the category Grand Complication.

Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Receives the ultimate award «L'Aiguille d’Or» (The Golden Hand) for the Centigraphe Souverain

Paris Boutique Opening December 2008

Inauguration of the Boutique Salon in Paris


Masterpieces of French Horology Exhibition

Champions of Time in China (with Time Square Magazine) awards F.P.Journe with “Best Technique Innovation Watch” 2008 for the ultra-slim Minute Repeater

The Centigraphe Souverain is awarded «Watch of the Year 2008» on Timezone.com

Presentation of the Timezone.com Trophy “Watch of the Year 2008” in the exhibition room of the Manufacture

5th Anniversary F.P.Journe Tokyo Boutique

F.P.Journe New York Boutique Opening November 2009

F.P.Journe Beijing Boutique Opening November 2009

Inauguration of the New York Boutique


F.P.Journe homage diner to George Daniels

Exclusive dinner organised by F.P.Journe’s long time London partners John and William Asprey (William  amp; Son)Thursday, June 24, 2010 at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. François-Paul Journe honored his friend and mentor George Daniels, one of the foremost watchmakers of the 20th century, who gave him the creative inspiration that has significantly stirred his horological career with the presentation of a homage F.P.Journe watch especially made for him.
The dinner gathered some of the most prominent faces of the horological scene who had a serious implication in bringing back the long gone memories of the great watch masters: independent master watchmakers and some of George Daniels’ intimate friends.

Official opening F.P.Journe Boutique in Beijing, Yintai Centre

June 10, 2010. This is the first F.P.Journe Boutique in mainland China and the brand’s sixth boutique around the world, after Tokyo, Hong Kong, Geneva, Paris and New York. The Ambassador of Switzerland in Beijing, Mr. Blaise Godet, and the General Manager of Beijing Yintai Property Co., Ltd., Ms. Zhu Xiaodong, together with Francois-Paul Journe, cut the inauguration ribbon before welcoming the VIP guests.

Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève Grand Complication Prize for the Chronomètre à Résonance

For the 7th time since 2002, F.P.Journe is acclaimed by the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva for his horological creations of exception. It makes him the most awarded contemporary watchmaker of his generation, without including the numerous additional awards presented around the world.
This award is a beautiful homage for the Chronomètre à Résonance, with its two perfectly synchronised beating mechanical hearts, of which the new interpretation is celebrates the 10 years of this remarkable complication. And as a fortunate wink, it is awarded on the 10th anniversary of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.
Since 2002, François-Paul Journe has received distinctions every year at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva, except in 2007 and 2009, while he was a member of the Jury.

2002: Octa Calendrier, Special Jury Prize
2003: Octa Lune, Prize for Best Men’s Watch
2004: Tourbillon Souverain, Golden Hand «Aiguille d’Or»
2005: Chronomètre Souverain, Prize for Best Men’s Watch
2006: Sonnerie Souveraine, Golden Hand «Aiguille d’Or»
2008: Centigraphe Souverain, Golden Hand «Aiguille d’Or»
2010: Chronomètre à Résonance,Haute Complication «Grand Complication»

November Champions of Time, China “Best Technical Innovation” Award for the Vagabondage II

November 1st Anniversary of the F.P.Journe Boutique in New York

F.P.Journe exhibits at the Salon Belles Montres Carrousel du Louvre, Paris 26 to 28 November

December F.P.Journe inauguration with the new Italian retailer GMT Great Masters of Time in Milano, November


F.P.Journe Annual Exhibition Exhibition room of the Geneva Manufacture Presentation of the new Octa UTC January 17 to 21

F.P.Journe Collector’s night February 17, F.P.Journe Boutique New York

The Centigraphe Sport No 001 sold for relief aid to Japan victims at Christie's auction for close to 10 times its original estimate

Hong Kong, May 30, 2011 - Christie’s and F.P.Journe have jointly announced the extraordinary sales result for the first all Aluminium Centigraphe Sport No 001. It was sold during Hong Kong Christie’s auction to raise funds in relief aid to the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The final price soared to an extraordinary HK$ 3,620,000 /US$ 465,170, close to ten times its original estimate.

Charity donation ceremony for Japan disaster victims, embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo, June 3rd, 2011

Tokyo, June 3rd, 2011 - The donation ceremony took place at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo, in the presence of his Excellence the Ambassador Mr. Urs Bucher, Mr. François-Paul Journe, Ms. Yuko Fukagawa from Christie’s Japan, Mr. Richard Bliah, founder of the franco-japanese FERE foundation, and the representative of Médecins du Monde. With its programme ‘100 maisons pour 100 familles’, the FERE Foundation is constructing 100 temporary anti-seismic wooden houses to relocate family victims in the northern city of Tome. The F.P.Journe donation will allow through the FERE foundation to finance 7 full houses for 7 families with all implantation costs.

The launch of the Octa Sport in premiere at the F.P.Journe Boutique in New York

New York, November 30, 2011 - During an exclusive Collector’s night in the New York Boutique, F.P.Journe introduced the Octa Sport in World Premiere, second model of the lineSport. The Octa Sport is an ultra-light watch entirely in Aluminium with a high horology movement, especially made for a proficient sporty activity. The new timepiece will be officially launched during the F.P.Journe watch salon next January in Geneva.

Official opening of the firt Espace F.P.Journe in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, December 5th, 2011 - F.P.Journe celebrated the opening of the first ESPACE F.P.JOURNE in the world in Buenos Aires with its wonderful partner Simonetta Orsini at Petit Palais.

F.P.Journe said: «We are proud to open the first Espace F.P.Journe in this prestigious and elegant building and with such a renowned Institution as Petit Palais, bringing together the most prestigious Watch and Jewellery brands in the world. We are looking forward to a successful and long term relationship with them, and we are happy to introduce the new lineSport in South America».

F.P.Journe receives a new distinction from the Lotos Club of New York

New York, December 1st, 2011 - F.P.Journe was hosted by the New York Lotos Club, the very select and oldest Literary Club in America founded on March 15, 1870 by a group of young writers, journalists and critics. He was received with two other important members of the horological scene, Michael Clerizo, author of the new book "Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking" that he was launching that night, and Hugues de Pins, President of Vacheron Constantin USA. The Lotos Club members include some of the most prominent figures amongst which former American Presidents, celebrities of the art world, literary, scientific and finance eminences. The New York Lotos Club, synonymous of prestige and civility, has paid tribute to F.P.Journe for its technical innovations in watchmaking and his work as an exceptional watchmaker.


The Centigraphe Sport entirely in Aluminium worn by Ambassador Jean Alesi who will race at Indy 500 in the Lotus Dallara

Indianapolis 500 on 27 May, 2012, will see a double grand premiere: for Jean Alesi taking part in this legendary race for the first time in his career, wearing the Centigraphe Sport on his wrist, and for F.P.Journe who’s colours will be emblazoned on the Lotus Dallara.
This partnership will promote the launch of the new F.P.Journe lineSport and will celebrate the shared common values of both Lotus and F.P.Journe: philosophy of excellence, sense of innovation, performance and lightness through the use of Aluminium, exclusive craftsmanship combined with an elitist production.

F.P.Journe exhibits the Steel Time collection at the Forbes Galleries in New York

New York, STEEL TIME Exhibition, The Forbes Galleries, from May 1st to September 15, 2012 - After Geneva and Tokyo, the renewed Forbes Galleries in New York at 62 Fifth Avenue will host the exhibition Steel Time exhibition, featuring the largest historic collection of gunmetal watches -burnished steel- a remarkable display of 200 watches made between 1850 and 1910, property of F.P.Journe. Each piece is unique in a variety of styles and techniques, but all have echoed in the wristwatches produced today.

Inauguration of the Cadraniers and Boîtiers de Genève

Meyrin, 18 September 2012 – The official inauguration of the Cadraniers de Genève and the Boîtiers de Genève took place last Tuesday at 6 o'clock in a joint building located in the district of Meyrin, canton of Geneva, at 11 rue Emma Kammacher. This new prestigious watchmaking pole reunites, under the same roof, the whole of the watch casing production (dials, cases and metal bracelets) on 2'600 m2.

The Cadraniers and Boîtiers de Genève were inaugurated by Mr. Pierre-François Unger, President of the Swiss State Council, and by Mr. Pierre-Alain Tschudi, Mayor of Meyrin, who cut the official ribbon in company of the two directors of both companies, François-Paul Journe, CEO and Founder of F.P.Journe, and Juan-Carlos Torres, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, co-shareholder of the Cadraniers de Genève.

International launch of the Chronomètre Optimum, new masterpiece of the Souveraine Collection

After Tokyo on the 5th of October, Hong Kong on the 9th and Beijing on the 11th, the new Chronomètre Optimum continued its world tour in Geneva on November the 14th for its official presentation to the VIP clients of the F.P.Journe Boutiques. It will pursue its journey in Paris on November the 22nd, New York the 28th, to end in Bal Harbour Miami on November the 30th.

Official opening F.P.Journe boutique in Bal Harbour, Miami

December 1st, 2012 - F.P.Journe has celebrated the opening of its Boutique in Bal Harbour, in the prestigious Bal Harbour Shops. François-Paul Journe was present to cut the official ribbon of the new Boutique in the presence of Amélie Lefevere, new CEO of F.P.Journe, Matthew Whitman Lazenby, owner of the Mall, Richard Furnari, Boutique Director, and Pierre Halimi, Director of F.P.Journe Amercia. It is the eighth Boutique opened by the brand after Geneva, Paris, New York, Boca Raton, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing.


An F.P.Journe watch starring in the movie Möbius

The Octa Calendrier performed in Möbius on the wrist of Gregory Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin.
The new movie with Jean Dujardin, Cécile de France and Tim Roth tells the story of Gregory Lioubov, an FSB agent (Russian secret services) who is sent to Monaco to investigate the activities of a powerful billionaire businessman played by Tim Roth. During the mission, the services recruit Alice, a gifted finance wizard played by Cécile de France. Suspecting her betrayal, Gregory will break the golden rule in contacting Alice, his undercover agent. Arises between them a passion that will inevitably hasten their downfall.
In the Theatres from February 27.

Opening of the F.P.Journe boutique in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA. (July 16 2013): F.P.Journe Invenit et Fecit, renowned watch brand which produces unparalled precision chronometers at the crossroads of Art and High Horology, recently opened its fourth US Boutique and the first on the west coast in Los Angeles. The Boutique is located on Sunset Boulevard in the most popular shopping and dining destination Sunset Plaza.

Celebrating 30 years of exceptional F.P.Journe creations

October 18, 2013: To commemorate his first pocket watch with tourbillon made in 1983, François-Paul Journe presents a new interpretation of the original in the form of a wristwatch the Historical Tourbillon in a Limited Series of 99 pieces.

This Anniversary Edition was presented in Avant Première in Tokyo, during the 10th Anniversary of the first F.P.Journe Boutique.

Best Independant Watchmaker 2013

F.P.Journe is awarded "Best Independant Watchmaker 2013" by the magazine Spiral in Hong Kong

Special Jury Prize for his Watchmaking Career

«Special Jury Prize for his Watchmaking Career» is presented to F.P.Journe during the Watch of the Year Award in Poland with the magazine Chrono 24

Official Opening of the Los Angeles Boutique

November 15 - The official Los Angeles opening party was a success with guest attending from the whole west coast. The presence of two super stars topped the evening: French actor Dany Boon and pro-basketball player JJ Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers.


Launch of the first collection for ladies «ELEGANTE»

January 22nd, 2014 - F.P.Journe was holding a press conference during its January annual show, to introduce its first Ladies collection the «élégante».
F.P. Journe has developed a revolutionary horological concept, designed and conceived exclusively for women. The « élégante » is a long-lasting watch offering 10 years of use when worn and up to 18 years in standby mode. The time is stopped when not worn, and started again when put back on. It combines the comfort of use of an electromechanical watch with feminity, elegance and precision.

10 Years Anniversary Tourbillon Draw for the attribution of the 10 exclusive timepieces

January 22nd, 2014 - The 10 Years Anniversary Tourbillon, produced in a very exclusive Series limited to 10 timepieces, celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the first F.P.Journe Boutique in Tokyo, jointly with the inauguration of the 10th Boutique in Beirut. Perfect demonstration of the rarity of its precision chronometers, only one watch is credited per Boutique. A solution, for the least unusual, was found by François-Paul Journe for the attribution of these 10 exclusive timepieces: «Our ten Boutiques have each proposed us candidates among our faithful collectors. The name of the 10 lucky clients were randomly selected by draw during our January annual fair in Geneva.»

Awarding of the prix SOLO ARTGENEVE-F.P.JOURNE

29 January - F.P.Journe has become sponsor of the salon artgenève and inaugurates the first Prix Solo artgenève-F.P.Journe that awards the best monographic exhibition presented by a participating gallery. The prize was awarded by François-Paul Journe during the salon opening ceremony to Roman Signer, represented by the Zürich Häusler Contemporary.

F.P.Journe official watchmaker of France-China 50

Fifty years ago, on January 27, 1964, guided by a visionary spirit and extraordinary political courage, General de Gaulle and President Mao Tse Tung opened the way for exchanges between China and France. France thus became the first major Western country to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing.

With over 30 years of savoir-faire and creativity, F.P.Journe is the Official Watchmaker of France-China 50 to represent excellence in the field of haute horology. F.P.Journe has designed the commemorative watches - an exclusive edition of the Octa Automatique Lune in Platinum with a novel blue dial adorned with the F.P.Journe logo interwoven with that of France-China 50 - and an unique version of the Elégante in Platinum with a translucent Jade dial created in homage to China. These two watches will be presented at several commemorative events in France and in China.

Wednesday March 26 ; François-Paul Journe is invited to the official dinner given by the French President François Hollande at the Elysée for the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s official visit in France.

Opening of the 10th F.P.Journe boutique in Beirut

Beirut, 5 September 2014 - F.P.Journe celebrated the opening of its 10th Boutique in Beirut, Lebanon, in the prestigious Achrafieh district. François-Paul Journe cut the official ribbon, accompanied by Claude Sfeir, partner of the new F.P.Journe Boutique, Madame Ruth Flint, Her Excellence the Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, and Mr Ziad Hawat, Mayor of the city of Byblos. This is the brand’s 10th Boutique, following those of Geneva, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Boca Raton, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Peking. Beautifully designed according to the same concept as the other Boutiques, it will bring the prestige of Haute Horology to Middle Eastern collectors.

Thanks to his continuing research into precision timekeeping, François-Paul Journe conceives unique Haute Horology watches that are unparalleled, both aesthetically and technically. His innate sense of innovation has won him many prestigious awards and prizes the world over.

The new F.P.Journe Boutique in Beirut will allow visitors to discover the brand’s exclusive universe, in an elegant yet relaxing atmosphere. It will feature a salon and a library, where collectors may discuss their shared passion. They can admire the complete collection of the brand’s precision chronometers, with enlarged black and white photos of the master and his watchmakers at the workbench decorating the walls, while discovering the Limited Series and other special editions exclusively reserved for the F.P.Journe Boutiques.

Chronomètre Bleu Byblos Limited Series of 99 pieces

For the first time F.P.Journe has used a cut out dial to reveal the unique beauty of its 18K rose Gold mechanical movement with guilloche decoration. With its blue hour circle featuring Arabic numerals, the Chronomètre Bleu «BYBLOS» represents the sun of the Orient set in a Mediterranean blue sky. This exclusive Limited Series celebrates the opening of the 10th F.P.Journe Boutique in Beirut.

An unusual touch is the F.P.Journe logo engraved on the movement, in which the «J» is inscribed in the Phoenician alphabet representing the letter «Yodh». Pronounced «J», it symbolizes the hand, thus emphasizing the importance of handcrafting in the F.P.Journe creations.

The Chronomètre Bleu «BYBLOS» is available in the F.P.Journe Boutiques in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris, Geneva, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boca Raton and Beirut.

The Book _ Sonnerie Souveraine-Grande Sonnerie

F.P. Journe’s extraordinary grande sonnerie and minute repeating watch guarantees both functionality and security - protected by no fewer than ten patents

F.P. Journe presents the book of the Grande Sonnerie watch. It revisits the centuries-long history of striking watches as well as that of the outstanding Sonnerie Souveraine, of which only 4 examples are produced by the manufacture each year.
The Grande Sonnerie and Répétition Minutes wristwatch is one of the most complex horological creations. For the first time in history, a grand strike clock watch offers true comfort and total security. 35 040 automatic chimes and 332 880 hammer strikes rings the time. The Sonnerie Souveraine F.P.Journe sets a clear precedent, embodying its creator’s mechanical vision in its musical expression of time. It ensures that his name will go down in history as having enriched horology and given life to new ideas that enhance the science of time measurement.
This watch is protected by ten patents attesting to the "Invenit*" of this work of Art, and six years of research and development to the "Fecit*" in the Manufacture’s motto.
This magnificent 90-page book, in three parts, is illustrated with many original photographs. It is written by Jean-Claude Sabrier for the historical section and Vincent Daveau for the history of the Sonnerie Souveraine. The final section describes the watch’s 10 patents, the details of its functions, its exclusive security systems, and the art of sublimating mechanism in music.
In addition, the book in its luxury edition features an audio system that makes it possible to hear this extraordinary watch strike the hours, the quarters and the minutes. For sale in the F.P.Journe Boutiques.

L ‘élégante F.P.Journe is awarded the Prize «Ladies Watch of The Year 2014»

Geneva, October 24, 2014 - F.P.Journe is rewarded once again for its exceptional watch creations. Today the «élégante» receives its first distinction “Ladies Watch of the Year 2014” at the Montre de l’Année award. The distinction was presented to F.P.Journe during the ceremony organized by the magazine Montres Passion and the media group Ringier at the Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva.

For its first Ladies collection, F.P.Journe has developed a revolutionary horological concept. Associating elegance and precision, it was designed and conceived exclusively for women. The «élégante» offers the comfort of use and the performances of an electro-mechanical watch providing an autonomy of 10 years of use when worn and up to 18 years in stand by mode.

While the watch is motionless, it stops after 30 minutes in order to save its energy. When the “élégante” is worn again, it automatically sets itself to the current time, taking the shortest path for the purpose of energy conservation.

The other novelty of this unique watch features the first entirely luminescent dial providing the utmost visibility in the dark, and the hands indicate the hours as in a shadow theatre.

L’élégante features the only electro-mechanical movement conceived and created for the luxury market and offering a true vision of luxury.


January Annual Salon, presentation of the New Octa Lune

Salon January 2015 - New interpretation of the emblematic Octa collection for 2015

F.P.Journe presents the Nouvelle Octa Lune : a more visible reading of the time and a date twice as large.

The 2 dials of the Nouvelle Octa Lune are in 18K Gold. The first dial, off center, with embossed hour numbers surfaced with a diamond tool has been enlarged for a better reading of the time.

The second dial features a very large date in aperture at 11h, the retrograde power reserve indicator on a scale of 120 efficient hours (5 days) at 9h and the phases of the moon at 8h.

The mechanical movement with automatic winding (caliber 1300.3) is manufactured in 18K rose Gold. It is wound mono directionally by the F.P.Journe 22K Gold rotor for an unequalled efficiency.

The New Octa Lune is available with a case in 40 or 42 mm, in Platinum or in 18K red Gold, a red or white Gold and silver dial, on leather strap, Platinum or red Gold bracelet.

Awarding of the Prix Solo Artgenève-F.P.Journe

The salon artgenèveexhibit at Palexpo for four days dedicated to contemporary Art.The Prix Solo artgenève-F.P.Journerewarded the best monographic exhibition presented by one of the 30 participating galleries. It was awarded last night to the Gallery Xippas for the work by Lucas Samaras.

The Prix Solo artgenève-F.P.Journe allows the acquisition by F.P.Journe of a work from the winning artist. It will be donated this year to the Geneva Cantonal Contemporary Art Fund. The Jury comprises three major figures of the European Art scene: Caroline Bourgeois (Curator of the François Pinault Collection), Andrea Bellini (Director of the Geneva Center of Contemporary Art) and Nicolaus Schafhausen (Director of the Kunsthalle Wien).

The 2015 edition of artgenève is rich of 74 exhibiting galleries from 14 countries, presenting some 700 artists, as well as a number of exhibitions and performances inspired by the theme Centres   Péripheries.

A growing number of international Art collectors, galleries, curators and representatives of the State have been seduced by the quality of the scenery and the artworks. The art salon artgenève, organized for the first time in 2012, has been asserting itself as an acknowledged artistic platform for contemporary and modern art as well as design.

F.P.Journe supports the AHCI young talents and sponsors the Young Talent Competion 2015

Baselworld, 19 March 2015 - The AHCI (Watch Academy of Independent Creators) was founded in 1985 and celebrate its 30th Anniversary. The aim of the AHCI is to perpetuate the art of independent horology and support outstanding independent watch craftsmen who reinvent the future of watchmaking. The AHCI also allows apprentices and young watchmakers to show their creations and reveal their talent by taking part in the “Young Talent Competition”.

François-Paul Journe is a member of the AHCI since 1987. F.P.Journe supports the AHCI and for the first time sponsors the “Young Talent Competition”. 33 watchmakers and members of the AHCI evaluated the most remarkable watch creations from these young talents. The selection criteria were based on technical achievement, complexity, design and aesthetics.

The winners of the Young Talent Competition have been awarded yesterday Thursday 19 March by F.P.Journe and the AHCI.

The winners are:
Alexandre Götze – Switzerland – Retrograde Minute Indicator
Kristian Myren – Denmark - Monsters from the Id
Sebastian Schlette   Pontus Köhler – Sweden – Tourbillon Model

The 2015 winners have each received a diploma and a CHF 3,000 grant from Bergeon SA, which will allow them to purchase watchmaking tools. They will have the privilege of presenting their creation at the AHCI booth alongside renowned members of the Academy, and will be able to exhibit their creations at international shows with the AHCI.

First F.P.Journe ladies golf cup

Vandoeuvres, 28 April 2015 – F.P.Journe organized its first Ladies Golf cup at the prestigious Geneva Golf Club with the Stableford type of play.

During this competition, F.P.Journe was presenting its «élégante», first watch collection for Ladies. This new watch with a revolutionary concept has been designed and conceived exclusively for women with precise technical specifications.

8 years of development were necessary for this innovative movement that combines a great comfort of use and the performances of an electro-mechanical watch with feminity, elegance, and precision. The “élégante” provides a very long autonomy of 10 years in daily use, and up to 18 ears in stand by mode.

The watch features a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 4:30. When the “élégante”is motionless, it goes in stand by mode after 30 minutes to save its energy and the hands stop turning. During the standby mode, the microprocessor continues to keep time, while the mechanical parts - gears, rotors and hands - stop moving. When the “élégante” is moved, the hands sets themselves automatically to the current time, taking the shortest path.

F.P.Journe has awarded the winners of the first category (best score below 31 shots) Mmes Carole Maréchal and Anne Siegrist who have each received a voucher for a full day with a spa treatment at Hotel la Réserve Geneva. The seconds have received a voucher for foral arrangements at Fleuriste des Augustins.

The first of the second category (best score above 31 shots) have each received a voucher for a dinner for 2 at the Domain of Chateauvieux, and the second have received a special Ladies coffret « Laurent Perrier». Nous remercions les partenaires de la Coupe F.P.Journe la Réserve Hôtel   Spa Genève, le Domaine de Chateauvieux, Laurent Perrier, et le Fleuriste des Augustins.

650'000.- CHF for an F.P.Journe «Tourbillon Souverain» at the Charity Gala organized for the 15th Anniversary of Action Innocence.

The auction was very lively: under the gavel of Aurel Bacs, Robert Manoukian and Claude Sfeir were bidding against each other up to 350’000.- CHF

Claude Sfeir won the battle and in a burst of generosity, Robert Manoukian added another 300’000.- CHF to the adjudicated price at the profit of the foundation. The “élégante” in Titanium and rubber also sold for a record price of 55’000.- CHF. These 2 unique watches have been especially made at the colors of Action Innocence

The Action Innocence charity auction took place in presence of numerous guests who have generously mobilized their forces for the protection of children on internet.


Launch of the «élégante» in the USA

New York, Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 – F.P.Journe was launching in American Première its first collection for Ladies the “élégante” in the USA at the New York Palace Jewel Suite. The luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows at the 55th floor terrace level provided a breathtaking backdrop of Midtown Manhattan at sunset for the event.

François-Paul Journe received its numerous guests to discover its exclusive new collection featuring a revolutionary horological concept. It was designed and conceived exclusively for women, with extremely precise technical specifications, for a watch with the longest autonomy. The "élégante" allows the time to be stopped and started again. Every woman’s and watchmaker’s dream.

8 years of development were necessary to develop this innovative movement providing the greatest comfort. This electromechanical watch combines feminity, elegance and precision, for an autonomy of 10 years in daily use and up to 18 years in standby mode. When the “élégante” is motionless, it goes in stand by mode after 30 minutes and the hands stop turning to save its energy. When it is moved again, the hands set themselves to the correct time taking the shortest path.

F.P.Journe Golf Cup

Vandoeuvres, 13 June 2015 – F.P.Journe organized its third Golf Cup at the prestigious Geneva Golf Club with the stableford type of play in reference to its watches with complication.

F.P.Journe also presented both models of the lineSport in Titanium, the Centigraphe Sport, chronograph with manual winding measuring the 100th of second and the automatic Octa Sport with large date, power reserve and day and night indication. The lineSport is a collection of ultra light watches conceived for an intense sportive activity with a case in Titanium and a high horology movement in aluminum.

F.P.Journe rewarded the winners of the Gross score, Mr and Mrs Rodrigo Lacerdo Suarez which have each received a voucher offered by the restaurant Tse Fung at La Reserve Hotel and Spa Genève.

The winners of the Net score, MM. Serge Nordmann and Marc Girard, have received a jeroboam of champagne Laurent Perrier, while the second, Mrs Caroline Barbier-Mueller and Mr Maxime de Raemy have received a voucher from the decorator Ars Vivendi. The winners in the guest category, MM. William Newmann and Richard Sheiner, received a Caran d’Ache silver pen and the winners in the Junior category, Riccardo Fiammingo and Victor Bouvier, received an F.P.Journe golf bag.

The drawing rewarded Mrs Cécile Gagnebin who received a magnificent F.P.Journe clock « Octa Sport » while Mrs Elizabeth Couson received a voucher for a visit of the F.P.Journe Manufacture.

We thank the partners of the F.P.Journe Cup: Laurent Perrier, la Réserve Hôtel   Spa Genève, Ars Vivendi, Caran d'Ache et le Fleuriste des Augustins.

«Tourbillon Souverain Bleu» F.P.Journe, unique watch created especially for Only Watch

F.P.Journe participates for the first time to ONLY WATCH in order to support the scientific research to fight against Muscular Dystrophy (AMM). A unique watch is created especially for the occasion, the « Tourbillon Souverain Bleu ».

It is also the first time ever that a tourbillon is made with a case entirely in Tantalum. This metal has been named as such from the Greek’s mythology “Torment of Tantalus” as it is extremely hard to work with.

The very astonishing blue chrome dial reflects like a mirror and its color changes according to light. Its F.P.Journe movement in 18K rose Gold features the renowned remontoire (constant force device) and the dead beat second..

The ONLY WATCH charity auction will take place in Geneva on 7 November 2015.


«The Historic Size» A 38 mm Steel Case for 5 Emblematic F.P.Journe Watches

38 Exclusive Sets

In the 1980’s, François-Paul Journe constructed custom-made pocket watches for very discerning collectors. In 1991, he presented his first wristwatch at BaselWorld with a Platinum case of 38 mm in diameter. This was unheard-of at the time, when watches ranged between 33 and 36 mm maximum for the largest ones.

The main reason the watch was so large was that it was the first Tourbillon wristwatch with Remontoir d’Egalité ever created, and the complex mechanism took up a certain amount of space.

In 2001, F.P.Journe presented a new Tourbillon in a limited series of 99 pieces. This was the start of the Ruthenium Collection: a collection of 5 models, all with a case that was 40 mm in diameter. From then on, each watch could be offered either in 38 or 40 mm.

The Grande Sonnerie, presented in 2006, was 42 mm in diameter. After that, collectors began requesting 42 mm watches. But in order to maintain harmonious proportions, the dimension of the dial had to be completely redesigned as well as the complication that would animate the watch.

Thus, the Chronomètre Optimum, which is a compendium of chronometric savoir-faire, naturally required more space. A 38 mm case is too small; 40 or 42 mm sizes would suit perfectly this watch’s incredible mechanism.

Afterwards, the Quantième Perpétuel with instant jump and the Octa Lune were also adapted to 40 and 42 mm cases to make their indications more legible. Now, wishing to celebrate the end of the historic 38 mm case after 25 years of existence, F.P.Journe has created 38 exclusive collector’s sets containing 5 emblematic and historic watches in 38 mm.

38 mm in Steel !

It is extremely rare for luxury watches to be cased in Steel. There are very few such watches, and they reach much higher prices at auction than the same models in precious metals. This set is intended for true collectors, those who know what is rare. The combination of 18K rose Gold movements with 38 mm Steel cases makes this set the rarest of all F.P.Journe’s collections.

5 Watches !

The Tourbillon Souverain (made from 1999 to 2003) was never made with a Gold movement, which makes it doubly exclusive.

The Chronomètre à Résonance in its original configuration, (made from 2000 to 2009) with 2 symmetrical analog display dials.

The Octa Automatique (made from 2002 to 2014) emblematic timepiece, is the first automatic watch made by F.P.Journe.

The Octa Calendrier Annuel, (made from 2003 to 2014) the company’s automatic bestseller since its creation.

The Chronomètre Souverain (made since 2005) had to be included in the set, due to its aesthetic purity and its magnificent mechanism; pure minimalism.

This is the last time these watches will be available new!

Then you will have to wait for them to appear at auction!

The ONLY WATCH Charity Auction Successful edition 2015, the genuine Prizes of Independents Geneva Watchmakers

1) PATEK PHILIPPE : 7 300 000 CHF, 10 times the price of the model in Platinum.
2) F.P.JOURNE : 550 000 CHF, 4 times the price of the model in Platinum.
3) TUDOR : 375 000 CHF, 100 times the price of the basis model.

F.P.Journe was participating to ONLY WATCH for the first time with a unique watch created especially for the occasion, the « Tourbillon Souverain Bleu ». It is also the first time ever that a tourbillon is made with a case entirely in Tantalum. This metal has been named as such from the Greek’s mythology “Torment of Tantalus” as it is extremely hard to work with.

The very astonishing blue chrome dial reflects like a mirror and its color changes according to light. Its F.P.Journe movement in 18K rose Gold features the renowned remontoire (constant force device) and the dead beat second.


The Octa Lune awarded at the « Montre de l’Année 2015 »

Geneva, 19 November 2015 - F.P.Journe is honored once again at the Watch of The Year Award. This year, the Octa Lune is awarded the 2nd Prize of the Jury.

The prize has been given during the ceremony organized by the magazine Montres Passion form the media group Ringier at the Hotel La Réserve in Geneva.

Premiere of the film «The Single Men, Masters of the Incredible and the Beautiful»

Monday 23 November, Geneva - F.P.Journe presented in the exhibition room of the manufacture, the Premiere of the film on the independent watchmakers “The Single Men” realized by Philip Selkirk.

The presentation was followed by a Q A session hosted by MM. Jean-Claude Biver, Laurent Picciotto   François-Paul Journe.


Salon January 2016 - Presentation of the New OCTA DIVINE

New Interpretation of the emblematic Octa Collection

After the Chronomètre Optimum, the Quantième Perpétuel and the Octa Lune,
it is the turn of the Octa Divine to move onto size 42 mm.

Completely redesigned in 42mm, F.P. Journe’s Octa Divine model now features a new look: elegant, uncluttered, and perfectly legible.

The instantaneous large date is displayed in enlarged windows that stand out against the Gold dial where the seconds disk display and the power reserve indicator are subtly delineated.

The elegant sapphire moon phase disk, the delicate blued steel hands, and the streamlined polished steel circle screwed to the dial are all exclusive characteristics of F.P. Journe. A spark of whimsy is added by the different sized numerals of the hours ring, while red dots enliven the resolutely contemporary aesthetics of the dial.

The movement of the Octa Divine (calibre 1300.3), manufactured in 18K rose Gold, is automatically wound and has a power reserve of over 5 days. The unidirectional winding of the exclusive off-center F.P.Journe rotor in 22K red Gold is achieved by a self-locking ball bearing system. Thus each movement, no matter how slight, is utilized for the optimal winding of the watch.

The Octa Divine, available in the F.P. Journe Boutiques, also exists with a 40 mm case, in Platinum or in 18K red Gold.

The «Prix Solo artgenève - F.P.Journe» 2016 awarded to the Lehmann Gallery for the solo exhibition by Eberhard Havekost

The Prix Solo artgenève-F.P.Journe rewarded for the third year in a row the best monographic exhibition presented by one of the 30 participating galleries to the Contemporary Art salon artgenève. It was awarded last Wednesday January 27 at Palexpo to the Gallery Gebrüder Lehmann for the work by Eberhard Havekost.

The Jury of the Prix Solo artgenève-F.P.Journe comprises three major figures of the European Art scene: Caroline Bourgeois (Curator of the François Pinault Collection), Andrea Bellini (Director of the Geneva Center of Contemporary Art) and Nicolaus Schafhausen (Director of the Kunsthalle Wien). A work of the solo show by Eberhard Havekost, “orange night” - 1987, mix media on paper mounted on cardboard - purchased by F.P.Journe will be presented this year to the FMAC, the Contemporary Art Fund of the city of Geneva.

The 2016 edition of artgenève was rich of 80 international exhibiting galleries presenting some 700 artists, as well as a number of exhibitions and performances inspired by the theme “The Time” amongst which the impressive interpretation of the Pendule de Foucault by artist Christian Waldvogel, presented by F.P.Journe “The Tides of Andromeda”.

F.P.Journe commits even more in the Art world and will also partner with the new salon artmonte-carlo that will take place from April 30 to the 2nd of May at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

The Young Talent Competition 2016

Baselworld, 17 mars 2016 - The awarding ceremony for the Young Talent Competition of the AHCI, Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants, under the patronage of F.P.Journe, awarded 3 exceptional young watch and clock makers who have distinguished themselves for their technical achievement, their search for complexity and their sense of design. The 3 winners 2016 are :

Tristan Ledard (left) – France for the Clock with Linear Equation of Time
Anna-Rose Kirk (center) – England for The Horizon Clock
Anton Sukhanov (right) – Russia for the Clock with Triple Axis Tourbillon

They each received a diploma from the AHCI and a grant of CHF 3’000.- from Horotec to purchase watchmaking tools. Their creation is exhibited on the AHCI stand in Basleworld, Halle 2.0.

You can read the full release attached

The [i]Prix Solo artmonte-carlo-F.P.Journe[/i] awarded to the gallery Lulu, Mexico for the solo show of Victoria Roth

Partner of artgenève since 2014, F.P.Journe commits even more in the Art World by partnering with artmonte-carlo, the new salon of contemporary Art and design. Under the high patronage of his H.S.H. the Prince Albert II of Monaco, artmonte-carlo establishes a leading artistic platform on the Côte d’Azur, honoring the requirements of the collectors and art-lovers. The Principality of Monaco, because of its privileged situation and international prestige, was chosen as an ideal location to host such an event. This first edition took place at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco from April 29 to May 1st 2016, during which F.P.Journe was presenting its collection in the first ephemeral Boutique.

The Prix Solo artmonte-carlo -F.P.Journe rewards the best Art Space presented by one of the 7 participating galleries. It was awarded Friday April 29 to the Gallery Lulu of Mexico for the solo show of Victoria Roth.

This Award allows the acquisition by F.P.Journe of an artwork by the winning artist that is graciously donated to an artistic institution, this year, to the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM).

The jury of the Prix Solo artmonte-carlo-F.P.Journe comprises three major figures of the European Art scene: Marie-Claude Beaud (director NMNM Monaco), Manuel Borja Villel (director Musée Reina Sofia Madrid) et Chiara Parisi (director of the Monnaie de Paris cultural program).

The first edition of artmonte-carlo was rich of 36 international exhibiting galleries and enhanced by the presence of Institutions such as the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation (Turin), the Yvon Lambert Collection (Avignon), the Ricard Foundation (Paris) or the Villa Arson (Nice).

Appointment is taken for the end of April for the 2017 edition.

You can download the full release attached