Six years of research for the: Invenit
Ten patents for the: Fecit

Full grand-strike functionality and operational safety protected by 10 patents

The grand-strike clockwatch is the most complex of horological creations. The greatest difficulty in its construction is to achieve full clockwatch capability from the limited energy in a wristwatch, without compromising the sound and reliability of the chime.

In this watch, a single mainspring provides enough energy for 24 hours of grand strike (96 full chimes in passing), without using the minute-repeater. The chiming functions alone use up almost 60% of the main-spring’s energy, and in silence mode without the chime, the movement iruns for five days.

Constructing this movement has been a permanent search to save energy in maximising mechanical efficiency. The result is a low-tension movement with gentle mechanisms that have to be very finely adjusted to ensure unfailing chimes 35,040 times a year.

Operating a chiming watch has always been risky. If you do the slightest thing wrong, like setting the time while the chimes are ringing, you can damage precious mechanisms.

Thus, the first entry in the specifications book for this watch was: «make it safe to use by an eight-year-old child.» I have to admit that the eight-year-old set me the toughest assignment of my career. To meet the demands, I had to construct a movement on new mechanical principles. In this piece, 10 patents underwrite the «Invenit» of this work of watchmaking art. The «Fecit» took me six years.

Each Sonnerie Souveraine is called by the name of its owner. Therefore, you give to your watch a purpose, an identity and a soul. Thank you for being its guardian.

François-Paul Journe

Montres Journe SA - Invenit et Fecit - Watches, Geneva, Switzerland

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