Precision Chronometer
The Chronomètre Bleu offers a new approach of high precision, with perfect chronometric virtues.

The Chronomètre Bleu is innovative with its 39 mm case made for the first time of Tantalum, a rare dark grey metal with blue overtones. Tantalum is a wonderful metal but rarely used in watchmaking as it is hard and very difficult to manipulate, due to its very high fusion temperature of 3800° and a density of 16.6. Tantalum is also precious as it is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. It also offers non allergic properties as it is totally bio compatible with the human body.

The blue chrome dial is in perfect harmony with the colour of the case in a contemporary spirit. The F.P.Journe hands, matching the large cream-coloured Arabic numerals, mark the hours while the guilloché seconds dial at 7:30 enhances the mirror effect of the main dial.

Through the transparent back, the balance and escapement appear to be mysteriously detached from the movement, beating with no apparent motive force. F.P.Journe has placed the connecting train under the dial, leaving only the centre wheel to highlight the isolation of the balance.

The manually wound movement of the Chronomètre Bleu oscillates at 21,600v/h. Twin barrels, in the classic configuration of precision watches, work in parallel to deliver stable power for much of its 56-hour full autonomy. The F.P.Journe free-sprung chronometer balance with inertia adjustment on four opposing weights is dynamically adjusted to all positions, with an emphasis on constancy of rate.

Montres Journe SA - Invenit et Fecit - Watches, Geneva, Switzerland

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